What is Ultrasonic Machining ?

  • Ultrasonic machining (USM), also known as ultrasonic grinding or micro-abrasive machining, is a non-traditional machining process that uses high-frequency vibrations and abrasive particles to remove material from a workpiece.
  • It is a versatile and precise machining method that can be used to create complex shapes and features in hard, brittle, or delicate materials that are difficult or impossible to machine with traditional methods.

Ultrasonic Machining process

Ultrasonic machining is a versatile and precise machining process that can produce complex shapes and features in a wide range of materials. Its ability to machine hard, brittle, and delicate materials with high precision and minimal heat generation makes it an indispensable tool in many industries.

Here is a step-by-step description of the ultrasonic machining (USM) process:

1. Workpiece Preparation: The workpiece is first cleaned and prepared for machining. This may involve removing any existing surface contamination or debris.

2. Abrasive Slurry Preparation: A suitable abrasive slurry is prepared. The slurry typically consists of abrasive particles, such as boron carbide or silicon carbide, suspended in a liquid carrier, usually distilled water.

3. Ultrasonic Generator and Transducer Setup: An ultrasonic generator is used to produce high-frequency electrical oscillations. These oscillations are converted into mechanical vibrations by an ultrasonic transducer, which is connected to the sonotrode.

4. Sonotrode Positioning: The sonotrode is positioned in close proximity to the workpiece surface. The distance between the sonotrode and the workpiece, known as the working gap, is critical for achieving the desired machining results.

5. Slurry Delivery: The abrasive slurry is delivered to the working area through a nozzle. The slurry flows between the sonotrode and the workpiece, ensuring a continuous supply of abrasive particles.

6. Machining Cycle Initiation: The ultrasonic generator is activated, and the sonotrode begins to vibrate at a high frequency. The abrasive particles in the slurry are propelled towards the workpiece surface by the vibrations of the sonotrode.

7. Material Removal: The impact of the abrasive particles erodes material from the workpiece surface, gradually creating the desired shape or feature. The machining process is controlled by adjusting parameters such as the vibration amplitude, the abrasive feed rate, and the working gap

8. Machining Cycle Monitoring: The machining process is continuously monitored to ensure that the sonotrode is vibrating properly, the abrasive slurry is flowing correctly, and the desired machining results are being achieved

9. Machining Cycle Completion: Once the desired shape or feature has been created, the machining cycle is terminated, and the sonotrode retracts

10. Workpiece Cleaning and Inspection: The machined workpiece is cleaned to remove any residual abrasive particles. The workpiece is then inspected to ensure that the desired specifications and surface finish have been achieved

11. Post-processing (Optional): Depending on the application, the machined surface may undergo further finishing processes, such as polishing or grinding, to achieve the desired surface quality.

Topgrid’s Ultrasonic Machining Service

  • At Topgrid, we offer comprehensive ultrasonic machining (USM) services to meet the diverse needs of our customers across various industries
  • Our team of experienced machinists, equipped with state-of-the-art USM equipment and techniques, is dedicated to providing high-quality, precise, and cost-effective USM solutions.
  • Whether you require precision deburring of delicate components, intricate etching of glass surfaces, or complex machining of aerospace components, Topgrid is your trusted partner for all your USM needs

Our Expertise

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Here are Some Ultrasonic Machining Projects,
we’ve worked on


USM is used to create precise and delicate features in microelectronic devices, such as semiconductors, sensors, and microelectromechanical systems (MEMS).

aircraft landing gear topgrid


USM is used to machine complex components in aerospace applications, such as turbine blades, fuel system components, and engine parts.

Medical Device

USM is used to machine intricate shapes and features in medical implants, such as orthopedic implants, dental implants, and surgical instruments.


USM is used to deburr and polish machined parts, clean and prepare surfaces for subsequent operations, and create intricate patterns on automotive components.

Tool and Die Making

USM is used to create precise cutting edges and details in jigs and fixtures used for machining operations.

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