What is Surface Grinding?

  • Surface grinding is a subtractive machining process that uses a rotating abrasive wheel to remove material from the surface of a workpiece to achieve a smooth, flat, and precise surface finish.
  • The abrasive wheel, which is typically made of silicon carbide (SiC), aluminum oxide (Al2O3), or other hard materials, is pressed against the surface of the workpiece as it rotates.
  • The abrasive grains on the wheel chip away tiny particles of material from the workpiece, resulting in a smooth, flat, and precise surface.

Surface Grinding process

Surface grinding is a versatile process that can be used to grind a wide variety of materials, including metals, plastics, and composites. It can also be used to grind a variety of surface shapes, including flat surfaces, contoured surfaces, and cylindrical surfaces.

Grinding machine.Worker grinds a wooden part with a hand sander.

The surface grinding process typically consists of the following steps:

1. Workpiece Preparation: The workpiece is mounted on the drilling machine in a manner that allows the drill bit to access the desired location.

2. Abrasive Wheel Selection: The appropriate abrasive wheel is selected based on the material, surface roughness, and desired surface finish.

3. Grinding: The abrasive wheel is pressed against the surface of the workpiece as it rotates. The abrasive grains chip away tiny particles of material from the workpiece, resulting in a smooth, flat, and precise surface.

4. Coolant Application: Coolant is often applied to the abrasive wheel and workpiece to reduce heat generation and improve chip removal.

5. Surface Finishing: Additional machining operations may be required to achieve the desired surface roughness and finish.

6. Removal of the Ground Workpiece: The abrasive wheel is retracted from the workpiece, and the workpiece is removed from the surface grinding machine.

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Here are Some Surface Grinding Projects,
we’ve worked on

Aircraft Component manufacturing topgrid


Surface grinding to produce critical components for aircraft engines, structural components, landing gear, and various aerospace systems

Engine manufacturing Topgrid


Surface grinding plays a crucial role in the automotive industry like Engine blocks, cylinder heads, transmission components, brake rotors

surgical instruments manufacturing topgrid


Surface grinding plays a crucial role in the Medical industry like surgical implants, medical instruments, prosthetics, diagnostic tools

Oil and Gas

Surface grinding plays a crucial role in the Oil and Gas industry for pipes, valves, sensors, and other critical components.


Surface grinding plays a crucial role in the Electronics industry for semiconductor wafers, circuit board components and electronic connectors

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