Sheet Metal Hydroforming Services

What is Hydroforming?

  • Sheet metal hydroforming is a metal forming process that utilizes pressurized fluid to shape and mold sheet metal into three-dimensional shapes.
  • Hydroforming excels at producing intricate shapes and geometries that are challenging or impossible to achieve with other methods.
  • Hydroforming can often reduce production costs compared to traditional methods, especially for complex shapes and high-volume production runs.

Sheet Metal HydroformingProcess

Sheet metal hydroforming is a metal-forming process that uses pressurized fluid to shape and mold sheet metal into three-dimensional shapes. It is a versatile and cost-effective method for producing a wide range of parts and components used in various industries.

The sheet metal hydroforming process typically involves the following steps

1. Blank Preparation: A flat sheet of metal, known as a blank, is cut to the desired size and shape using cutting techniques such as laser cutting or waterjet cutting.

2. Blank Placement: The blank is placed over a die, which is a tool that has the desired shape of the final part. The blank is carefully positioned and secured in place to ensure accurate forming.

3. Fluid Application: High-pressure fluid, typically water or oil, is injected into a rubber diaphragm or bladder that is positioned above the blank. The pressurized fluid applies a uniform force to the blank, causing it to conform to the shape of the die.

4. Holding and Forming: The pressurized fluid is maintained for a specific time, allowing the blank to fully form to the shape of the die. The holding time depends on the complexity of the part and the thickness of the material.

5. Pressure Release: Once the forming process is complete, the pressure is slowly released, and the die is opened. The formed part is then removed from the die.

6. Secondary Operations: Depending on the part requirements, secondary operations such as trimming, drilling, tapping, and deburring may be performed to complete the part.

Topgrid’s Sheet Metal Hydroforming Service

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Topgrid’s Sheet Metal Hydroforming services are ideal for a wide range of products, including Aerospace, Automotive, Construction, Electronics and Appliance. Our dedication to staying at the forefront of technology and industry trends ensures that we can meet the unique requirements of each project, no matter how complex.


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Get best Sheet Metal Hydroforming Services from topgrid

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Here are Some Sheet Metal Hydroforming Projects,
we’ve worked on


Hydroformed components are used in a variety of aerospace applications, including aircraft fuselages, wing spars, engine housings, and landing gear components.


Hydroformed components are used in a variety of automotive applications, including bumpers, door beams, chassis components, and engine parts.

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Hydroformed components are used in a variety of electronics applications, including enclosures, heat sinks, structural components, and antenna housings.


Hydroformed components are used in a variety of medical applications, including implants, surgical instruments, prosthetics, and medical device housings.


Hydroformed components are used in a variety of appliance applications, including oven doors, refrigerator cabinets, washing machine drums, and dishwasher racks.

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