What is Overmolding ?

  • Overmolding is a manufacturing process in which one material is molded over another to create a single part.
  • This process is commonly used to combine the properties of two different materials, such as the strength of plastic with the flexibility of rubber.
  • One of the most commonly used, everyday object toothbrushes is being manufactured by overmolding

Overmolding process

Overmolding is a powerful and versatile manufacturing process that combines two or more different materials into a single part. Overmolding process is commonly used to create parts with a hard, rigid core and a soft, flexible outer layer.

The overmolding process involves the following steps:

Step:1 – The base component, also known as the substrate, is molded using conventional injection molding techniques. The substrate is typically made of a rigid material such as plastic or metal.

Step:2 – The substrate is cooled and solidified. Then it is carefully prepared for the overmolding process. A release agent may be applied to ensure proper adhesion between the substrate and the overmold material.

Step:3 – The prepared substrate is placed into the overmolding mold. This mold is designed to accommodate the substrate and create the desired shape and features of the overmold.

Step:4 – The overmold material, commonly a rubber or thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), is injected into the mold. The mold cavity is carefully filled, ensuring that the overmold material flows around the substrate and adheres properly.

Step:5 – The mold is then cooled to allow the overmold material to solidify. This helps in forming a strong bond with the substrate. After cooling, the mold is opened. Then, the finished part is ejected.


Plastic Injection Molding Services Topgrid
  • Topgrid’s overmolding service is a process that combines two or more materials into a single part. This process can be used to create parts with a variety of properties, such as improved strength, durability, and aesthetics.
  • Topgrid’s overmolding service is a valuable asset for any company that needs to produce high-quality, complex parts.
  • Topgrid has a team of experienced engineers who can help you to design and manufacture overmolded parts that meet your specific needs.

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Here are Some Overmolding Projects,
we’ve worked on


Overmolding is used to create a variety of automotive parts, such as bumpers, spoilers, fenders, body panels, and trunk covers

Industrial equipment

Overmolding used in the production of sports equipment like Bicycle grips, Golf club handles, Fitness equipment

Medical Device

Overmolding can be used to encapsulate delicate components, such as electronic circuits, in a protective layer of plastic.

Consumer Goods

Overmolding is commonly used in the consumer goods industry to create comfortable grips on things like toothbrushes, pens, and power tools

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