What is Induction Forging?

  • Induction forging is a metal forming process that utilizes electromagnetic induction to heat a workpiece to a high temperature prior to deformation using a press or hammer.
  • Induction heating allows for precise control of the heating zone, focusing heat only on the portion of the workpiece that will be forged.
  • Induction heating can achieve high heating rates, allowing for quick and efficient preheating of the workpiece.

Induction Forging Process

Induction forging has emerged as a preferred metal forming process due to its combination of precision, energy efficiency, and environmentally friendly characteristics. Its ability to produce high-quality components with enhanced mechanical properties makes it a valuable tool for various industries

The induction forging process typically consists of the following steps:

1. Preheating: The workpiece is placed within the induction coil, where an alternating magnetic field is generated. This induces eddy currents within the workpiece, generating heat.

2. Transfer: Once the workpiece reaches the desired forging temperature, it is transferred to a press or hammer for deformation.

3. Forging: The workpiece is deformed into the desired shape using dies or hammers.

4. Cooling: The forged workpiece is allowed to cool to room temperature, either naturally or through controlled cooling methods.

Topgrid’s Induction Forging Service

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Our Expertise

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Topgrid’s Induction Forging services are ideal for a wide range of products, including Aerospace, Oil and gas, Automotive, Industrial Manufacturing. Our dedication to staying at the forefront of technology and industry trends ensures that we can meet the unique requirements of each project, no matter how complex.


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Get best Induction Forging Services from topgrid

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Here are Some Induction Forging Projects,
we’ve worked on

crankshafts topgrid

Automotive Components

Induction forged components are used in engine crankshafts, connecting rods, and other powertrain components.

Aircraft Component manufacturing topgrid

Aerospace Component

Induction forged components are used in aircraft landing gears, structural components, and turbine blades

Pipeline valves topgrid

Oil and Gas Components

Induction forged components are used in valves, flanges, and other high-pressure components.

turbine blades topgrid

Power Generation

Induction forged components are used in turbines, compressors, and other power generation equipment.

Medical Implants

Induction forged components are used in medical implants, such as hip replacements and knee replacements

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