What is Boring machining ?

  • Boring machining is a subtractive manufacturing process used to enlarge or refine an existing hole in a workpiece.
  • It is a precise and versatile technique employed in various industries to create accurate and smooth holes in a variety of materials.
  • Boring machining can achieve high levels of precision, often exceeding the accuracy of drilling processes. This makes it ideal for applications where precise hole dimensions are critical.

Boring process

Boring machining is an essential process in various manufacturing industries, enabling the production of precise and high-quality components across a wide range of applications.

Here are the steps involved in the boring process:

1. Clamp the workpiece securely to the machine table or chuck.

2. Mount the boring bar or head in the machine spindle or tool holder.

3. Position the workpiece and boring tool so that the cutting tool is centered in the hole.

4. Select the appropriate cutting speed and feed rate for the material being machined.

5. Start the machine and feed the boring bar or head into the hole until the desired diameter is achieved.

6. Periodically check the hole size with a micrometer or other measuring tool

7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 until the hole is within the required tolerances

8. Stop the machine and remove the boring bar or head from the machine

9. Unclamp the workpiece from the machine table or chuck

10. Inspect the finished hole for defects, such as burrs or tool marks.

11. Remove any burrs or tool marks with a file or grinder, if necessary.

Topgrid’s Boring Service

  • Topgrid’s Boring Service is a comprehensive solution for all your boring needs.
  • We have a team of experienced boring technicians who are trained to use the latest boring techniques and equipment
  • We can provide you with a quote for your boring project, and we will work with you to ensure that your project is completed on time and on budget.

Our Expertise

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Topgrid’s Boring services are ideal for a wide range of products, including Automotive, Aerospace, Oil and gas and Construction. Our dedication to staying at the forefront of technology and industry trends ensures that we can meet the unique requirements of each project, no matter how complex.


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Here are Some Boring Projects,
we’ve worked on

cylinder heads manufacturing topgrid


Boring engine blocks, cylinder heads, and other automotive components

aircraft landing gear topgrid


Boring landing gear components, fuel system components, and other aerospace components

Oil and Gas

Boring pump housings, valve bodies, and other oil and gas components


Boring tunnel linings, bridge components, and other construction components

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